Velox Spray Neutral 1l ze spryskiwaczem - Spray do dezynfekcji i mycia powierzchni

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Producent: Medisept
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Spray intended for disinfection of small surfaces of medical equipment (beds, treatment chairs, medical equipment, rehabilitation equipment), as well as in gastronomy, hairdressing and other places requiring perfect cleanliness.

Velox Spray Advantages:

  • Universal application spectrum (medical and non-medical)
  • Fast in action (15 seconds against fungi, 30 seconds for batteries, tuberculosis, viruses)
  • Registered as a biocidal product and medical device
  • Proven in action and thoroughly tested
  • It does not leave streaks and stains
  • Quick effect of a disinfected surface
  • Effective against coronavirus
  • Suitable for surfaces that come into contact with food
  • Polish proven producer

Active substance in 100g of the preparation:

  • 63,7 g etanol, 6,3 g propan-2-ol

Velox Spray Neutral MSDS

Package: Bottle 1l


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